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If you discover you have breast cancer, your first priority is getting breast cancer treatment as early as possible, and an essential part of your treatment is a caring medical oncology team like Carol Rapson, MD, and Anthony Brandau, DO, at Red Cedar Oncology. They’re experts in today’s most advanced medical breast cancer treatments and provide ongoing care after your treatment ends, closely monitoring for signs of cancer while supporting and managing your physical and emotional health. To learn more about comprehensive breast cancer care, call the office in East Lansing or Charlotte, Michigan, or book an appointment online today.

Breast Cancer Treatment Q & A

What symptoms indicate I need breast cancer treatment?

The earliest sign of breast cancer is usually a lump. However, you may have other symptoms before or after you find a lump, such as:

  • Breast itchiness
  • Redness or slight swelling
  • Skin puckering or dimpling
  • Nipple discharge from one breast
  • Nipple changes such as a newly inverted nipple
  • Changes in the size or shape of a breast
  • Peeling, crusting, or flaking skin anywhere on the breast

If you notice any changes in your breasts, don't wait to schedule a thorough examination.


How is breast cancer treated?

The first treatment for breast cancer is surgery to remove as much of the cancer as possible, together with lymph nodes, when necessary. You may also need radiation therapy before or after your surgery.

As medical oncologists, the physicians at Red Cedar Oncology specialize in providing all other breast cancer treatments, including:


Chemotherapy (chemo)

Before your surgery, you may need chemo to shrink the tumor and allow for less extensive surgery. Some women have chemo after surgery to kill cancer cells that may remain but can't be seen on imaging tests.


Hormone therapy

Two out of three breast cancers grow in response to hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Hormone therapy prevents hormones from attaching to cancer cells and fueling their growth. This treatment lowers the risk of the same cancer returning or developing new breast cancer.


Targeted drug therapy

This type of therapy uses advanced medications that target proteins in the cancer cells and destroy the cancer or slow its growth.



Immunotherapy uses advanced medications that stimulate your immune system to fight cancer. The medication may boost the immune system or enhance specific immune functions.


What ongoing breast cancer treatments might I receive?

Medical oncologists serve as your primary oncology physicians. In this role, they support all aspects of your health during your breast cancer treatment, throughout your recovery, and beyond.

They anticipate and manage your pain and take proactive steps to prevent and alleviate side effects caused by your treatment. Your provider schedules regular follow-up appointments to run lab work and monitor your health, watching for cancer recurrence and screening for signs of new cancers.

Your provider helps you find all the supportive therapies you may need, whether that means physical therapy, nutritional planning, yoga, or emotional counseling.

If you need compassionate and experienced breast cancer treatment, call Red Cedar Oncology or book an appointment online today.